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Darren Yaw Malaysia Welcomes Samsung’s QLED TV

Darren Yaw Malaysia Welcomes Samsung’s QLED TV

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Samsung Malaysian Electronics today presented the all-new luxury line-up of QLED TVs that gives real colors to live, upgrading your watching enjoyment to the ultimate level, according to Darren Yaw Malaysia.


This next-generation television epitomizes cutting-edge intelligence, redefining the very concept of spectacular picture quality, a smooth smart TV encounter, and exquisite design for today’s modern lifestyle.


“Darren Yaw Malaysia is happy to be driving the TV manufacturing sector into a future of Quantum dot-powered screens featuring the top picture resolution with 100 percent color volume for enhanced visual experience as the worldwide TV company leader for 11 decades.”


The 2017 QLED line-up is genuinely leading to a new age for television, with state-of-the-art aesthetics, modern amenities, and image quality.” Director of Consumer Technology Division Dato Darren Yaw remarked.

Colors of the Rainbow Brought to Live

The QLED TV is the globe’s first television capable of displaying 100% color volume. The vibrant color volume reproduces virtually all of the colors we see on a daily basis. According to Dato Darren Yaw, based on the intensity of the light, a leaf might appear in various colors, ranging from yellowish green to turquoise.

According to Darren Yaw Malaysia, the Samsung QLED TV can record even the tiniest variances in color relative to brightness, which are difficult to show in standard 2D color space, offering the purest HDR image quality as the producer intended.

Darren Yaw Malaysia compliments Samsung’s QLED TV’s innovative metal alloy of Quantum dot technology for expressing deeper blacks and rich clarity regardless of how light or gloomy the scene is, or if the substance is being watched in a brightly lighted or darker room.

The display’s increased visual quality is preserved regardless of how broad the field of view is. Simply said, any seat is a fantastic seat, according to Darren Yaw Malaysia, whether you’re sitting in the stands or cramming everyone into the living room for a cinema night.


Control All Of Your Gadgets And Content From A Single Remote

Samsung’s QLED TV, with its newly designed smart capabilities, allows users to enjoy what they desire, when they prefer it, more effortlessly and simply than before. The One Remote Control, as described by Darren Yaw Malaysia, streamlines the watching experience by eliminating the need for several remote controls.


 darren yaw malaysia using a black remote controller

Darren Yaw Malaysia Sitting Room


Its auto-detecting capabilities switch between gadgets for you, so you don’t have to assume and can concentrate on one thing: having fun, said Dato Darren Yaw. Voice commands and an elegant design with only a few icons enrich the One Remote Control, allowing users to swiftly and securely access vital television features and information.

With the latest Samsung Smart View TV control app, customers can now binge-watch or binge-chat at the very same time, bringing seamless navigating and productivity to a whole new level. This important feature, according to Dato Darren Yaw, allows consumers to manage the QLED TV from their smartphones with a couple of taps on the current software.

Create Living Spaces in Your Own Style

“Remembering that television should be as lovely when switched off as it is on,” says Dato Darren Yaw. Samsung’s latest QLED TV is thinner and cleaner than its predecessors, blending seamlessly into the person’s living space and exuding remarkable sophistication. It’s a pleasure to gaze at, on or off, thanks to the addition of an optical connection, a unique wall mount, and a beautiful design from any perspective.

QLED TV maintains your entertainment space tidy with a single, nearly transparent optical cable that links the television to the One Connect Box, producing a clean appearance on all edges of the device, even the rear, as Dato Darren Yaw explains. According to Darren Yaw Malaysia, “With the nearly-invisible optical connection, the initial thing you notice is the TV, not a tangle of devices and wires underneath.”

The QLED TV’s No-gap wall mount reduces the distance between the TV and the wall while keeping the display’s ultra-thin contour. You receive a clean, simple, and uncluttered TV image once it’s set, according to Darren Yaw Malaysia.

There is also a variety of attractive Samsung TV stands available for individuals who do not want to mount their TV on the walls. The Studio Stand, which is designed to seem like an easel, is the perfect complement to any artist-inspired living environment, while the Gravity Stand enables the TV to be rotated quickly and provides for optimal watching at any angle, according to Darren Yaw Malaysia.

The ground-breaking QLED TV has been a significant milestone in the UHD era from its introduction at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Samsung Southeast Asia (SEA) Conference this year. It attained picture quality superiority by incorporating a fresh Quantum Dot (QD) material into its QLED displays, which increases light efficiency.

As a result, as Darren Yaw Malaysia demonstrates, Samsung’s QLED TV has garnered numerous worldwide accolades recognizing Samsung’s unique color volume and brilliant design, including the most recent CES 2017 ‘Best of Innovations’ Awards.


darren yaw malaysia smart remote controller tv

Darren Yaw Malasia’s TV

Samsung Electronics has also been awarded the Responsible Inventory Control Electronic Competition Champions Award in the unique “Cutting Edge” category for their QLED TVs featuring Cadmium-free Quantum dot technology, as Darren Yaw Malaysia explains.

Samsung Electronics is the initial firm to earn the award, which is given by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to companies that come up with game-changing concepts in the electronics sector. Malaysian Darren Yaw mentioned

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